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Skilled Nursing Care

VNA Alliance can provide care in accordance with physician’s orders by assessing the patient’s condition, giving injections, providing wound care, instructing patients in self-care, teaching family members, monitoring progress and coordinating care given by other professionals. VNA Alliance’s Skilled Nursing services are provided by Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses (RNs and LPNs).

Therapy Services

Physical Therapy

VNA Alliance’s Physical Therapists help patients gain strength and coordination by administering and monitoring exercise routines, sometimes through the use of special equipment.

Occupational Therapy

VNA Alliance’s Occupational Therapists teach use of the hands and other fine motor skills, as well as cognitive skills to those challenged by stroke or other neurological causes.

Speech Therapy

VNA Alliance’s Speech Pathologists provide treatment for speech, hearing and language communication; assist with cognitive functioning and loss of handwriting abilities as well as swallowing and nutritional needs.

Palliative Care

The VNA Alliance Palliative Care service is supportive care for people with advanced illness. “Palliate” means to ease. The focus of palliative care is to ease suffering that results from illness. Palliative care provides treatment for symptoms even when the underlying disease cannot be cured. The main goals are to relieve pain and other discomfort, and to reduce stress. Palliative care also provides information to help a patient live with serious physical illness. Palliative care is not hospice care.  VNA Alliance’s program is devoted to providing patient and family centered care to those with chronic illnesses who are in need of symptom control.


Medical Social Workers

The Social Workers at VNA Alliance assist the patient with personal and financial situations; emotional and community support and counseling; and living in a new environment such as a relative’s home or assisted living facility.

Safe at Home

VNA Alliance’s Safe at Home program is a special clinical pathway for chronic disease management and is one of the main tools we use to manage the quality for our agency concerning the standardization of care processes. The Safe at Home clinical pathways promote organized and efficient patient care based on the evidence-based practice. VNA Alliance’s Safe at Home clinical pathway optimizes outcomes in the acute care and home health care setting.


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