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VNA Alliance is here as a support to assisted Living or Personal Care Home’s facility and their residents.

• Our goal is to keep residents        

   healthy and safe enabling them to

   stay in the facility and avoid


• We have a nurse on call 24/7 for

   emergency situations and guidance

• All of our all clients are seen within

   24- 48 hours after a referral is

   received from the physician

• Access to Elder Pages Northwest

   PA  educational website for      



VNAA home health services bill under Medicare Part A, hence there are no co-pays for clients.


We can meet to review and help you identify client needs for home health care with early identification, which means early prevention

When a physician orders walkers or and other assistance devices- be sure to get a VNA Alliance home health order for proper measurement of the device and proper client safety education.

Wound Care for Facility Residents

• VNAA can bring dressing supplies, which is   a cost savings to your facility if the resident   has Medicare


Skilled evaluation of clients with Diabetes wounds

• We can help with dressing changes. We can help by changing dressings two times per week while the wound is healing. We’ll work with your staff to evaluate tissue integrity and identify early infection.


Programs to Help your Staff

• Fall prevention programs to help identify

  residents at risk of falls

• Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and Chronic

  Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)


• Telehealth monitoring

• Palliative Care

• Mental Health Nursing

• Staff training to deal with clients with


• Speech Therapy for clients with swallowing



Resident Training Opportunities

• Preventing Falls
• Education Flu/pneumonia vaccines
• Summer Safety
• Winter safety

Click on any one of the Safe at Home Icons below for more information.

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